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Mastbox bigger picture.

The Mastbox

The Mastbox will be mounted in your mast or on another high point on your ship and connects you with all other ships in your area and through other ships or coaststations even with the Internet.

Additional you can add a SIM-Card with a Dataplan to the Mastbox. This will give you and your Crew a Wifi with access to the Internet, if you are within Range of a UMTS-Cellstation. Because we mounted a high-quality antenna on the Mastbox, you'll get extended range and Internetaccess even in distances of the shore, where your mobile phone is already offline. 

If you add a SIM-Card to the System, you share only a small amount of your Dataplan. With this small amount you will supply yourself and all other Ships with live Chartupdates, Weatherreports, E-Mails and Local Messages concerning the environment (general traffic information, emergency-informations, AIS-like systems..). In foreign waters where you probably dont have a dataplan, at least not with horrendous Roaming Costs, other seamen, which operate a node or a landbased gateway, will supply you with these services. If you are just too far from the next UMTS-Cellstation, but there is another Boat with a Mastbox between you and the shore, then this boat will supply you with these services.

If we all share the information and offer connection to everybody else, then everybody knows everything. 

The Shipbox

The Shipbox is the local Brain of our System onboard your Ship. It will offer you instant access to all your Shipdata on all wifi- or ethernet-capable devices on your ship. The Shipbox is connected to your Shipsystems through the widespread technologies NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 and captures the Information from your Ship. 

The Shipbox also functions as your Mediacenter onboard your ship, if you plug in a USB-Harddrive with your favorite Movies and Music. You will be able to control the Mediacenter with your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. 

The Shipbox serves as local Server and displays you all the Informations about your ship and the environment. It displays these information on your tablet, smartphone or laptop in the Browser on your device.

The Shipbox is connected through a ruggedized cable-connection with the Mastbox. The Shipbox serves also as powersupply-unit for the Mastbox. 

Mastbox and Shipbox together, sketch