Different ways how you can help the OpenSeaDataMesh

Operate a node

The most easiest way to engage and help in the Project, is to get a Mastbox and a Shipbox for your ship. That way you will increase the Coverage of the whole Network and your ship will automatically capture valuable Data, that will then be used to enrich the Charts and Weather- and Traffic-Reports of all Seamen in your Area.

Operate a Gateway

If you have a good view on the Sea from your flat or house, it is a good idea to operate a gateway for all the openseadata-Nodes in your area. We will be selling the necessary hardware, the Powerconsumption costs are well below 1€ per month. You also need a DSL-Connection at home, but the Traffic will be very low. 

Record Data

You can help us a lot by recording Data from your trips. We are interested in all kind of Data, as long as it contains GPS-Positions and at least one other Sensor. This other Sensor might be your Depth Sounder, your Windsensor, or even salinity-values from your seawater-treatment-plant. You can also record the positions of Seasigns and Buoys with our Free Android App "SocialBearing"

You can record the Data with typical NMEA-Loggers, or your Computer if you have one connected to your Shipbussystems