Services for private Boatowners

If you only use your Yacht or Vessel for leisure-purposes and dont earn any money with it, then our technology is free to use for you.

We offer you a unique experience. All your Systems on your Ship integrated into one platform, accessible from every device on board that has a browser. It might be your Smartphone, the Notebook that is already installed at the navigational Desk or even the new Tablet that you got for Christmas. We dont care, our System works everywhere.

We are offering a highly integrated system with up-to-date Charts, Weatherreports, GRIB-Data, AIS-Reception, Trafficreports from other Ships around you and much more. The displayunit is already in your pocket, there is no need to mount more Displayunits in your cockpit or at your navigational Desk.

Do you still miss a feature? No problem. You can literally hire every programmer on this Planet to implement your feature, because our Software is opensource. If you dont want to hire a programmer, approach us, we are more than happy to customize your experience and to give you the features you want. The limit is only your imagination.

For your comfort, you can even attach a TV-Screen to our Shipcomputer via HDMI. If you plug in your external USB-Harddrive with your Movies and Music, our onboard Shipcomputer system serves as your onboard Mediacenter - controllable with the device that you already own.

Still not enough? Plug in a SIM-Card of your local UMTS-provider and get a Wifi for your whole crew onboard your ship with a waterproof and ruggedized high-quality antenna up in your mast for advanced reception and range. If you decide to bring your boat online, we send you Weatherreports automatically on your boat. Board whenever you like, the weatherreports for your next trip is already stored on your Shipcomputer

If somebody asks on VHF for an up-to-date Weatherreport, would you transmit it? Yes? We made that feature automatic. Every boat with our technology automatically transmits all up-to-date informations to every other boat in the same region. Seamen are always helping each other, right? We extend that morality to your ship. May your ship automatically help other ships, with up-to-date informations about nearly everything