Services for Chartercompanys

If you charter out your leisure-vessels, then we have just the right Product for you. Increase the Service for your Customers, while gaining better and more current knowledge of your property

Know where your property is

With our Products mounted on your Ship, you gain absolute knowledge. You will be able to see where your Ships are, how fast they are going, how deep the water is (or: are they already run aground?), even Temperature readings from the engine-room or up to date Reports how much gasoline was consumed is in the area of possibilities.

Every equipped ship will also increase the Level of Detail of the onboard maps, so that future mishaps might occur more seldomly. 

If your crew set an anchor alarm and the alarm goes off, not only the crew will get the alarm, but also you as the shipowner.

Wifi for your Fleet

If you decide to equip your ships with our Technology, you get the additional USP of providing Wifi on your ships for your customers.

Some groups of people are dependend on the constant ability to check emails, stock markets, messages and other important news for them. Currently, those people might be offline during the charter. With our Product, you can offer your customers Wifi-access onboard of every ship that you own.

If you like, you can even make your customers pay for this additional service.

Mediacenter for your Customers

On most charterboats the Crews have only Radio or a CD-Player for onboard entertainment. With our Product, your customers get a full-scale mediacenter. Your customers can hook up there own USB-Harddrives to the Mediacenter and play Movies and Music that they prefer. Controlling the Mediacenter works through the Smartphones and Tablets, that your Crews already own and bring onboard.