Products for commercial Shipowners

If you own a ship that is used commercially, you are on the right page. For becoming a Node in the Openseadatamesh, you will need both Products, the Mastbox and the Shipbox.

The Mastbox

The Mastbox will be mounted in your mast or on another high point on your ship and connects you with all other ships in your area to exchange informations automatically.

Additional you can add Internet access to your Mastbox, through multiple supported technologies. The Mastbox will be shipped with a high-quality UMTS-Antenna, you only need to add a SIM-Card if you want to be online in coastal waters. If your ship frequently operates offshore, you have the opportunity to connect it to your Satellite-Gateway.

If you connect the Mastbox to the Internet, you will share a small amount of your Dataplan. With this small amount you will supply yourself and all other Ships with live Chartupdates, Weatherreports, E-Mails (without Attachments) and Local Messages concerning the environment (general traffic information, emergency-informations, AIS-like systems..).

The monthly fee for being part of the Openseadatamesh will be in the area of running the mainengine of your ship for about 5min, but not lower than 1€/Month

The monthly fee for being a part of the Openseadatamesh will be lowered proportionally from 100% to 10%, if you provide a Gateway to the Internet. This way we are paying for your costs for sharing some of your Dataplan.

  1. providign a Gateway 0 days per Month: 100% of Costs
  2. Providing a Gateway 15days per Month: 55% of Costs
  3. providign a Gateway 30days per Month: 10% of Costs

If we all share the information and offer connection to everybody else, then everybody knows everything and traffic on the seas will be much more safer.

The Shipbox

The Shipbox is the local Brain of our System onboard your Ship. It will offer you instant access to all your Shipdata on all wifi- or ethernet-capable devices on your ship. The Shipbox is connected to your Shipsystems through the widespread technologies NMEA0183 or NMEA2000 and captures the Information from your Ship. 

The Shipbox serves as local Server and displays you all the Informations about your ship and the environment. Your crew can access these information through the usage of standard Smartphones, Tablets, Notebooks and Computers, as long as they are connected through the Wifi or Ethernet-Network, that will be provided through the Mastbox. If you already have an Ethernet-based Network on your Ship, you can easily integrate the Shipbox and the Mastbox in it, by just plugging in the Shipbox in one of your Switches.

The Shipbox is connected through a ruggedized cable-connection with the Mastbox. The Shipbox serves also as powersupply-unit for the Mastbox. 

If you have regularly more than 10 people on duty in the same shift, you might need a little more computational power in your Shipbox. For this case, we will be offering high-power Shipboxes, with different housings. If you already have a 19"Rack on your ship, we will provide you with matching 19"-Hardware, otherwise we will figure something out, that suits your ship. Contact us and tell us your needs, we will be more than happy to fulfill them.