Services for commercial Shipowners

If you own ships, or if you are a professional Seamen, you might be interested in our services for the commercial ship industry

Additional Information for your Crew

Currently, your Crew has to go on the bridge (or call the bridge), to get Informations about the Ships status, its current Position, local Charts and Maps and also for Weatherreports. Most of your Officers already own a Smartphone a Tablet or a Notebook. With our technology, the people that gets chosen by the captain can display all these Informations on there own device, but only if they are aboard there ship.

Although your ships are probably already equipped with AIS, Satellite-Internet, and the most uptodate electronic Charts of the Region, our System enriches the Information further, by adding local measurements of all the Ships that are part of the Network. That way the Shipcrew even get AIS-like Information for Ships without AIS-Sender but with our Technology installed. Also we are combining the AIS-Receptions of all Ships in the same region, to give you a more complete picture of the Situation. With this technology, you might even be able to receive information about ships behind islands or in the mouths of rivers, of which the Radar-Reflections and AIS-Packets are not receivable because of landmasses between you and the other ship.

The Depthmaps that we display are combined from Maps that we can aquire online, but also from depth-readings that every participent in the Network is doing. That way we can give you in some regions way more current Data, than other Chart-Providers. In return for doing depth-measurements yourself, you are getting our compiled depth-maps from all ships, that have done depth-readings in your area before.

Ships, as helpful as Seamen

Seamen have been helpful and supporting towards other Seamen since ages. Now, the Technology has reached a Level, where we can make the Ships as helpful as the Seamen already are

Observe your property while on sea

We are sure, that you already know, where your ships are currently. But do you know how much water your ship has under its keel? Do you get notified, when an alarm aboard your ship is sounding? Do you know the important parameters of your ships engine? (RPM, Temperature, Consumption), and, do you get notified when your ship is on a collision course with another ship?

Probably not. With our Technology you will get all these information live on your device of choice and you can decide with who you are going to share this Information.

Improve your (and everybodys) charts and weatherreports

Every ship is constantly monitoring the waterdepth, the airpressure, Windspeed and Direction and sometimes even more, for example the Salinity of the Water or the Watertemperature. Currently, this information gets displayed on the Bridge and then thrown away. We want to collect this Data and your ship could help. If you decide for our Systems, your ship will not only collect this information, but also share it live with all ships in the region. That way your ship can compile its own Weatherreport, refine and correct Depthcharts and receive the same service from all other ships in the region. At some point after the observations, the observations will be transmitted to our Servers. At that moment, we will be using this Information to enriche our own Depthmaps, that we in return then update automatically on your ship.