Partner and Sponsors

a List of Organisations that helped us, either by investing Money or by supporting us in other ways

ijon and riot on a boat


Who owns the Hackerfleet GmbH?

  • Heiko Weinen (aka riot) (37.5%)
  • Johannes Rundfeldt (aka ijon) (37.5%)
  • Kenny Bentley (25%)

Organisations, that helped and supported us in the Past

c-base - the Mothership of all Hackerspaces. Our partners all met in c-base, most of the strategic planning and prototype-building took place within the workshops and laboratorys of this Spacestation under Berlin.

Business School Potsdam - the University, where Johannes Rundfeldt studies. The Lecturers and Professors helped us a lot with providing strategic knowledge. Thank you for answering uncountable amounts of questions concerning startup-strategies