Milestones until global Domination

This is a list of our Milestones that we need to reach, before we can release the Shipbox and Mastbox in a global scale to connect up the other 2/3 of the Planet


  • Q1 2012 Strategic planning, development OpenSeaData-concept, Development of  Revision0 RAIN [DONE]
  • Q2 2012 Rewriting the Messaging Middleware, Development concept SocialBearing, Building prototypes 0.1b of Mastbox and Shipbox, Integration of GPS [DONE] 
  • Q3 2012 Development of Virtual Helmsman, Integration of Accelerometer, Gyrometer and Magnetometer [DONE]
  • Q4 2012 Development of SocialBearing and ZMQ/Network-Stack [DONE]
  • Q1 2013 Development of Delay-Tolerance for Mesh-Network, Implementation of GRIB-Data [...working...]
  • Q2 2013 Development of early Prototype of onBoard UI, Building of Series 5pcs
  • Q3 2013 Development Hardware for Mastbox
  • Q4 2013 Development Hardware for Shipbox
  • Q1 2014 building 500pcs Series 
  • Q2 2014 Release Prototypseries 500pcs
  • Q3 2014 Bugfixing / Testing
  • Q4 2014 implementing more Softwarefeatures
  • Q1 2015 Production planning and logistics
  • Q2 2015 Beginn Production
  • Q3 2015 Rollout / Release
  • Q4 2015 Development of Service-Chain, Mounting-Service, Marketing and PR activities
  • Q1 and Q2 2016 The first year with widespread usage of the OpenSeaDataMesh at several locations
  • Q3 2016 Break-Even!