How the Hackerfleet earns money and gets to Break-Even.

Our Businessmodel has three sustainable sources of income.

Selling Hardware

The first and probably most important is the selling of Hardware We will be selling the Mastbox and Shipbox to all Ships, that can supply a stable 12V/10W to our Hardware. This means every ship with an inboard-engine and every sailboat with a minimum length of 8-9m can be equipped with our Products. However, if it comes to shipsize, there is no upper limit. Our technology can be mounted on every kind of ships, even the biggest ships on the ocean.

For Ships with a lot of crew (more than 15 crewmember on duty at the same shift) we will have prepared a special series with more powerful computers and bigger storage ressources. We expect to reach Break-even only with this source of income.

Monthly Fees

The second Source of income are the monthly fees for commercial ships. As long as the shipowner does not earn money with his ship, the participation in the OpenSeaDataMesh is free. If the Ships is used to generate income in any way, we will ask for a low monthly fee. This fee will be calculated based on the costs of running that ship. We will ask for about the equivalent to run the main engine for a couple of minutes, which will be, depending on the size of the ship, something between 1€ and 500€ monthly. If the Shipowners connects our technology to any kind of Internetacess, for example UMTS, LTE, Sat-Internet or something else, the monthly costs will be greatly reduced. We are subsidizing the usage of Gateways to the Internet with this discount. If a ship provides a Gateway to the Internet 100% of the seconds within a month, the monthly costs will only be about 10% of the initial costs. The discount is proportional to the sum of seconds, that a shipowner provides a gateway to the Internet. That way the Shipowner can decide which technology is the most affordable in that specific region.


We know that special ships need special software. As many other opensource-ventures do, we are providing the service of developing customized features and functions for our Customers. This can be everything from an onboard social network for the passengers, Technology to track and survey the nets of fishersmen, Live-information exchange between Tugboats to position heavy and big floating loads exactly, without the need to communicate every ton of pull on the rope via VHF. We have lots of ideas what features are possible and we expect the possibilities to grow bigger and bigger with each commercial customer which is using our Technology.