our Mission

We develop opensource hardware and software for unmanned and manned vessels on all waters. We develop publicly and transparent, our repositories are open for you.

We aim to establish a better communication-network between compatible hardware, for automatic data exchange between ships.

We want to aggregate all the informations that are currently thrown away on shipbridges all over the world and make the best free map of the ocean.

This vast ressource of currently nearly unused data will also help scientists understand our oceans better.


We develop opensource! If you miss a feature or function, clone the open
Repos and make the system better for everyone! Here you can find
detailled blueprints, BOMs, Repos and other Information


Free and open charts, from everyone for everyone, with automatic updates
while on sea, automatic transmission of GRIB data and weatherreports.
Free datasets for seafarers and scientists.

   USER- B2B

Local live information about the environment around you, e.g. weather and
chartupdates for a fraction of satellite-internet costs,
AIS data even from ships without AIS transmitter, detailled
live information everywhere from every ship that you own. Customization
for your needs.


We offer early stage investment opportunities in the most current
communication technology. Be part of the most advanced communication
network on sea. The first project for serious global dataharvesting for
the other 2/3 of the planets surface. Businessmodel, milestones and
revenue opportunities are also summoned here.


Here you can find mediadata for your newscoverage, video- and imagedata
of our technologies, a list of all press releases and more information for
your editorial staff.


Find out about other news channels, that we frequently use, like e.g.
Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Our imprint and necessary legalese for
websites is also here.